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Because we love tigers and because we refuse to accept their predicted disappearance… Act now, it is still possible!


The latest news about tigers and our projects

  • “The most popular animal in the world, the tiger is one of the myriad wonders given to us by nature, even if it is increasingly disturbed. It is our duty to protect them, for the tigers themselves as well as for the future generations.”

    Renaud Fulconis
    Founder and Executive Director of Awely

  • “Tigers are the top predators of the Asian forests and grasslands. Saving tigers means to save their whole eco-system with hundreds of wildlife species linked to it.”

    Eva Gross
    Awely Programme Director

  • “Tiger is the top predator and charismatic species. Today there are only a few thousand tigers left in wild, let us act now to save this species from extinction.”

    Dr Bibhuti Lahkar
    Awely Programme Coordinator for Asia - India

  • “So that we may always dream of meeting them in Asian forests, glimpsed in the sun’s rays, and be able to look them in the eyes.”

    Laetitia Derieux
    Awely, Tigers and People Graphic Designer

  • “I want to do something to change the situation and not let tigers follow the path of the Javan rhino and disappear forever from the forests of Vietnam.”

    Dung Nguyen
    Director of Operations - Education for Nature - Vietnam

  • “Since the number of wild tiger is decreasing at an alarming rate, my heart forces me to do the conservation works to save the beloved endangered species.”  

    Mahbubul Alam
    Coordinator - Wildteam - Bangladesh

  • “Saving tiger means ensuring no hunger, no poor health and no premature death among the millions of poor people living in India as Tiger protects a healthy forest ecosystem.”

    Dr Firoz Ahmed
    Conservation Biologist - Aaranyak - India

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