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10 things you absolutely need to know about tigers!

11 September 2015

1) The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest of all felines. A female can measure 1.77 meters in length, and the male up to 3 meters, including tail. They can weigh between 100 and 261 kg; one exceptional male has already weighed in at 325 kg.

2) It eats only meat. Its favourite prey are medium-sized deer and wild pigs, but it also likes large bovines and smaller prey – birds, fish, rodents, reptiles, monkeys, or porcupines.

3) There are nine subspecies (three are now extinct): the Bengal tiger, the Siberian tiger, the Malayan tiger, the Sumatran tiger, the Indochinese tiger, the South China tiger, the Caspian tiger (extinct), the Javan tiger (extinct), and the Bali tiger (extinct).

4) The feline is currently found in 11 Asian countries: India, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Russia (Far East), Bangladesh, Indonesia (Sumatra), Myanmar, China, and Laos.

5) The tiger has lost 97% of its population in the last 100 years. It is classified on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as endangered (at a global level) and critically endangered (in China, Russia, Sumatra).

6) The tiger is mainly threatened by legal hunting and poaching, which target both the feline (notably to feed the illegal trade of tiger-based products) and its prey, on which its survival depends; the loss of its habitat and increasing scarcity (often even the disappearance) of available prey.

7) Today, there are less than 4000 tigers in the wild, with some 70% surviving within 0.5% of their native range.

8) To protect the tiger, it is essential to work with the villagers who live in direct contact with these felines, because they are often best able to intervene on a daily basis to protect the tigers, or sometimes (and mainly for reasons related to poverty) these same villagers are involved in poaching.

9) We do this type of community work in Nepal, with the aim of restoring the Bengale tiger’s habitat. We also support anti-poaching actions in Bangladesh, research activities in India, and pedagogical campaigns (environmental education) in Vietnam.

10) Tigers need your support, now more than ever. The objective, set for an international level, is to increase the number of tigers to 6,400 before the year 2022.

We thank you sincerely on their behalf.


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