Awely des tigres et des hommes Tigers and People

A virtual and international poster campaign for the conservation of the species

12 June 2015

Translated into 14 languages and diffused all over the world by the internet and social networks, this poster aims to increase public awareness about this great cause and to remind us that if we do nothing, the future generations will grow up in a world where the tiger does not exist anymore.

It was while looking at his daughter that Renaud Fulconis, founder and executive director of Awely, had the idea for this campaign. He has therefore chosen to put her into the picture, imagining her in a future world where the tiger no longer exists.

In order to ensure that this situation will never happen, we continue to put more efforts toward the safeguarding of the species. There are less than 4,000 tigers now in the wild, yet many people still hesitate to support organisations like Awely, fighting daily to reverse this trend.

Involved in activities for anti-poaching in Bangladesh, research in India, education campaigns in Vietnam, and community-based conservation in Nepal, we hope to continue our actions through donations.

Act now, this is still possible.

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Awely, Tigers and People needs you

When you support Awely, even through a very small donation, you contribute directly to our activities in the field, and you affirm your committment to preserve wildlife while also contributing to the urgent basic needs of the local populations who live with these animals.

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