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Assisting women for the protection of tigers

9 October 2015

In Nepal, ten women are receiving two weeks’ training in sewing as part of our community-based tiger safeguarding programme.

The Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve – home to the Bengal tiger – suffers from strong human pressure on the natural environment. We are working within the Reserve to preserve the feline’s habitat and to reduce the use of natural resources of forests and grasslands by offering alternative solutions to the villagers.

Since Monday, ten women representing four user groups have been shown how to use sewing machines, in order to develop an economic activity that doesn’t comsume forest resources. They are also learning to repair these machines and handle maintenance so that they can run their activities autonomously. These user groups were first given sewing machines and sewing training in 2014; their members now earn enough to be able to buy bread and butter.

In partnership with the National Trust for Nature Conservation, we have been offering many training courses such as this one in the region since 2009. Protecting the tiger from extinction also means allowing the animal to evolve in a habitat that is rich in biodiversity, while maintaining the basic needs of the populations living nearby.

How to support us in this project, to participate in the safeguarding of wild tigers, to contribute to the protection of hundreds of animal and vegetal species and to improve the living conditions of villagers in need? Join us, simply make a donation.


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