Awely des tigres et des hommes Tigers and People

Awely, Tigers and People

An initiative from Awely, Wildlife and People

So that the predicted extinction never happens

Our team has more than ten years of experience in the coordination of field projects in Africa and Asia. Now more than ever, we are devoted to the tiger, this fascinating emblematic species that is so endangered, and so Awely, Wildlife and People is now launching Awely, Tigers and People.
This initiative, fully integrated into to fabric of our organization, hopes to raise funds to contribute more actively to tiger preservation.
Of the 100.000 tigers alive just a century ago, only around 4000 remain today, and their future is seriously threatened.
Awely, Tigers and People involves the coordination or the support of programs located where the tigers live. Anti-poaching, research, education, information campaigns, and conservation based in the communities – these are the major issues on which our initiative is already focused in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.
With the support of the Amneville Zoo, we are already doing all of this, and with your help in addition, we can do even more!

Awely is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature

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Awely, Tigers and People needs you

When you support Awely, even through a very small donation, you contribute directly to our activities in the field, and you affirm your committment to preserve wildlife while also contributing to the urgent basic needs of the local populations who live with these animals.

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