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Following tiger-monitoring training, these young people have successfully completed their mission

15 September 2015

The research work on the Bengal tiger, undertaken by 12 young local people, in the context of the tiger conservation programme that we support in India, is delivering its first results.

Implemented by our partner organisation Aaranyak in the region of Assam in India, it is funded by Amneville Zoo, and focuses mainly on researching the tiger, its habitat and its prey. Among the methods used, the installation of cameras with automatic triggers in the forest allows us to collect information, photos and short videos of the feline and of the ecosystem in which it evolves.

A dozen young local people from the Karbi tribes have recently been trained to use the automatic photography system. They have notably put in place 22 camera traps, in as many as areas of the forest. The objective was to reinforce the team’s skills and to extend the exercise into more extensive and never-explored areas. For three weeks, the trainees did an excellent job and have gathered data and photos of many animals, including some of the tiger’s preferred prey, such as deer and wild pigs.

This hands-on training has also permitted our partner organisation Aaranyak to improve its relations with the Karbi Anglong forest department. Indeed, to understand how tigers and other animals use the forests, it is crucial to cover large areas of relatively undisturbed forests. The NGO will now ask the senior forest officials to approve their plans to begin systematic camera trapping from November 2015.

Here are some of the photos collected by the youth thanks to the cameras put in place in the Bengal tiger habitat:

Aaranyak deerSambar Deer (Rusa unicolor) – © Aaranyak

Aaranyak wild pigWild Boar (Sus scrofa) - © Aaranyak

Aaranyak asian elephantAsian Elephant (Elephas maximus) – © Aaranyak

Aaranyak leopardCommon Leopard (Panthera pardus) – © Aaranyak

To continue these projects and develop them futher, we ask for your generosity. For example, 20 euros is enough to finance a day’s food for one small team. Field gear for camera trapping exercises costs 50 euros, and 100 euros pays for the employment of one tribal youth.

Thank you for your support.

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