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How can you photograph an animal that no longer exists?

23 June 2015

Following the launch of its first poster, which was widely shared on the internet and social networks, Awely, Tigers and People is launching a new campaign that encourages people to stop and think.

There are so many adjectives to describe tigers: majestic, powerful, sublime, fascinating… Many people love admiring them. Many admire their beautiful images on the Internet. And what if they disappeared? Would we be condemned to photograph some pale imitation? Unfortunately, this is what is in danger of happening; the extinction of the tiger will be irreversible if we do nothing.

Act now, this is still possible. We are appealing to all those who – like us – still hold out hope for the continuation of the species and want to contribute to its preservation. For the tiger, every effort counts. We are already involved in anti-poaching projects in Bangladesh, education in Vietnam, research in India and community-based conservation in Nepal.  We now turn to you to support us in helping ensure the future of the species for generations to come.

We can act thanks to your donations.


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Awely, Tigers and People needs you

When you support Awely, even through a very small donation, you contribute directly to our activities in the field, and you affirm your committment to preserve wildlife while also contributing to the urgent basic needs of the local populations who live with these animals.

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