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How will your donation help for tiger conservation in India ?

16 June 2015

This programme essentially targets research on the tiger, its habitat and its preys in the state of Assam in India.

Thanks to a system of automated photography, the organisation Aaranyak collects data to provide a better understanding of the feline’s status as well as solutions that might be effective for its conservation. The organisation also develops educational campaigns, encourages the villagers to get involved in this cause and supports community patrols, notably by providing equipment.

Here are some examples of how your donations could be used for species conservation and research on the tiger in India:

20 euros:

  • Wages for a tribal assistant for 3-4 days
  • Food for a small team for one day
  • A solar lantern for a volunteer and his family in the remotest location.

30 euros:

  • Support field gear for a tribal volunteer involved in camera trapping

50 euros:

  • Running cost of a camera trap for 3 months
  • Field gear for camera trapping exercise

100 euros:

  • Hire a tribal youth for 20 days to deploy and check cameras in remote forest areas
  • Food for three persons for one week in remote areas
  • A small digital camera for the community member to record tigers and any traces of them

300 euros:

  • Cost of a camera trap used for this work
  • Wage for a researcher for 3 weeks

Contribute to save the tigers from extinction.


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