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In images: the tiger, the most majestic of felines

10 July 2015

There are only 4000 left in the wild and they could disappear forever. Awely, Tigers and People pays tribute to the most majestic of felines through a series of photos illustrating its power and charisma. 

Tigre 3 c Fabien Lemaire

 © Fabien Lemaire

In Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, we support or coordinate four conservation programmes for the species.


 © Awely, Wildlife and People

In Nepal, our tiger conservation programme is based within local communities and primarily aims to reduce human pressure on the felines’ habitat.


 © Awely, Wildlife and People

In India, we support a research programme studying this big cat’s habitat and prey. Our partner organisation Aaranyak also raises awareness amongst local people, stimulating their engagement in the safeguarding of the species.


 © Awely, Wildlife and People

In Vietnam, our partner organisation Education for Nature carries out actions to reduce the scourge of the illegal trade in tiger-based products, using educational campaigns that encourage the public to combat this practice.


 © Awely, Wildlife and People

In Bangladesh, we support the local organisation WildTeam, notably in its anti-poaching actions by boat, in the region of the Sundarbans, the biggest mangrove forest in the world.  

Tigre 1 c Fabien Lemaire

© Fabien Lemaire

There is a long way to go to achieve lasting, long-term results, and we have to join forces to save the tiger from extinction. It’s your turn today. Every effort counts for the survival of the species.

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