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India is the country with the greatest number of tigers, given a total estimated population of 2.226 individuals. The national park of Kaziranga, in the state of Assam, shelters the most important population of tigers in the eastern country, with a hundred individuals living in the wild. This region is where the activities of this program are based.

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Problems to solve

  • Decrease in available prey for tigers (buffalos, takins, sambars, Indian hog-deer hunted for their meat) .
  • Wildlife authorities lacking means, villagers minimally involved.
  • Data on tigers not centralized.

Project goals

  • Study tiger populations in the area by gathering centralized scientific data and with an automatic photographing system.
  • Monitor tiger prey situation, limit hunting and loss of forest cover.
  • Sensitize the children and villagers to conservation through educational campaigns.
  • Facilitate the installation of alternatives to the overexploitation of the natural resources.

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