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Community-Based Conservation

Since 2009 and thanks to the Amneville Zoo’s funding, Awely has been coordinating a tiger conservation program at the borders of the wildlife reserve of Suklaphanta. Here, we focus on development and projects working with the villagers, in order to reduce pressures on the tiger’s habitat.


Located at the extreme south-west of Nepal, along the Indian border on the plain of Terai, this protected area is mainly meadows, forests, rivers and wetlands. It extends over 150 km² with 44.500 inhabitants and accommodates approximately 200 Bengal tigers.

Partner organisation

National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC)

Problems to solve

  • Too much human pressure on tiger habitats.
  • Populations too dependent on forest resources.
  • Excessive use of these forests.
  • Too many herds of cows in reserve, at the expense of tigers.

Project goals

  • Reduce human pressure on forests and meadows in the wildlife reserve.
  • Develop alternative strategies for the exploitation of natural resources.
  • Encourage villagers to develop sustainable economic activities without consuming forest resources.
  • Contribute to raising awareness of the importance of safeguarding the forest resources and the tiger, using sustainable development as a guideline.

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Awely, Tigers and People needs you

When you support Awely, even through a very small donation, you contribute directly to our activities in the field, and you affirm your committment to preserve wildlife while also contributing to the urgent basic needs of the local populations who live with these animals.

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