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Protection of tigers: the field in images

23 October 2015

In Nepal, in India, in Bangladesh and in Vietnam, Awely, Tigers and People is involved in the survival of the species. Discover, in images, how our teams and collaborators act daily to protect the feline from extinction.

Community- based safeguarding of tigers in Nepal

In the Sukaphanta Wildlife Reserve, we encourage villagers to preserve the habitat of the Bengal tiger and to reduce their use of natural resources through developing alternative solutions.

S22Livestock feeding now takes place outside the forest

© Awely, Wildlife and People

S33Installation of energy-saving stoves by our Green cap

© Awely, Wildlife and People

S444Tiger-preservation awareness campaign for students

© Awely, Wildlife and Peoples

Research in India

Implemented by our partner organisation Aaranyak in the region of Assam, India, this programme targets essentially the research on tiger, its habitat and its preys.

?????Tiger pictured thanks to the automatic photography system disposed in the forest

© Aaranyak

T2One of the favourite preys of the feline, the Sambar Deer, perceived thanks to the automatic photography system

© Aaranyak

CF8A1287 copyCommunity-group trained in the research on tigers in the forest

© Aaranyak

Anti-poaching in Bangladesh

In the region of the Sunderbans, our local partner, WildTeam, carries out anti-poaching actions by boat.

wildteam Surveillance patrol in action

© WildTeam

WT3Debriefing on data collections and patrolling

© WildTeam

W33444Adjustment before the night patrolling operation

© WildTeam

Education and awareness campaign in Vietnam

Our partner Education for Nature – Vietnam develops actions to reduce the illegal trade of tiger-based products and encourage the public to combat this scourge.

Tiger - King PSA filming (July 29, 2015) (6) (1)Production of an ad in favour of tiger safeguarding

© Education for Nature – Vietnam

9Poster encouraging the Vietnamese citizens to report illegal activities implicating tigers

© Education for Nature – Vietnam

SD 7935 tiger transferred to Museum (Feb 9, 2015) (ENV-R) (5)Frozen tiger confiscated thanks to our partner ENV

© Education for Nature – Vietnam

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