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Public information broadcasts for the protection of tigers in Vietnam

25 September 2015

A public information broadcast has recently been aired on national radio in Vietnam, by our local partner ENV. Further broadcasts are being recorded, as part of the programme that we support, with financing from Amneville Zoo.

In this country, where there are thought to be fewer than 20 remaining wild tigers but where the demand for tiger products is still strong, our partner Education for Nature – Vietnam, carries out actions to reduce the illegal trafficking of tiger-based products and encourages the public to fight against this terrible practice. In particular, the organisation has produced educational tools such as poster, television, and radio campaigns.

In August, eight public information broadcasts were aired on Vietnamese radio. This particular advertisement, featuring a conversation between a father and his daughter, encourages consumers to stop the use of products containing tiger bones as medicinal remedies. It calls on the public to report any crimes linked to these felines, using the dedicated free-call hotline that has been put in place by the organisation.

Seeing her father moaning in pain, the daughter offers to go to the pharmacy and buy some rubbing oil. However, her father suggests using tiger-bone medicine mixed with wine to treat the pain. Realising that her father’s false belief in the efficacy of this medicine is serving to support the killing of the last wild tigers, she manages to convince him not to use tiger-bone medicine.

Another public information announcement is currently being produced with the participation of two famous local actors. It is set in ancient times and is based on a Vietnamese fairy tale. With its striking decors and a comedic approach, this piece of publicity encourages viewers to stop consuming tiger products and to take real action to save endangered species.

Tiger - King PSA filming (July 29, 2015) (6) (1)
 © Education for Nature – Vietnam

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