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Rally in Nepal to raise awareness for tiger conservation

31 July 2015

As part of our tiger conservation programme in Suklaphanta, Nepal, more than 200 participants walked from the office of our local partner NTNC to Mahendranagar market, to mark Global Tiger Day on 28 July 2015.

Since 2009, our teams have worked in partnership with the National Trust for Nature Conservation, developing strategies that provide alternatives to exploiting the natural resources of the Bengal tiger’s habitat and also raising awareness of the importance of the forest ecosystem and the feline, notably through educational campaigns.

Therefore, more than 200 people ̶ mainly from local communities, but also members of the army and of several Nepalese organisations ̶ proudly affirmed their commitment to conservation of the species during a two-and-a-half-hour walk. The rally closed with a speech in favour of the preservation of the tiger and its habitat, given by chairpersons of the various groups.

Raising awareness of tiger conservation is essential for the species’ survival in the region because, first and foremost, it is local communities that can best contribute to the protection of the feline and its habitat. The participation of several influential organisations, and notably those with links to the government, also marks the country’s strong commitment to the cause (the objective being to double the number of tigers between 2010 and 2022) and support for the villagers, who often feel abandoned by local authorities.

We need your help to continue our actions for the safeguarding of the Bengal tiger in Nepal.


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