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Street drama to raise villagers’ awareness about tigers

13 October 2015

In Nepal, 15 student volunteers have received the equipment needed to use theatre to raise awareness about safeguarding tigers.

In these parts of the world where there are still wild tigers, local people are best placed to participate in their protection; as well as often being the first to arrive on site, they act as custodians of the environment where they live. These villagers are often poor, so need support, especially from the West, which has contributed to the disappearance of 97% of this species in 100 years.

In the Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in Nepal, our Green caps programme for Bengal tiger conservation is based within local communities. We offer them our support and the option to participate in initiatives that preserve the feline’s habitat and benefit both wildlife and people. In this way, 15 students (6 girls and 9 boys), have received uniforms, sound systems and a range of equipment that enables them to present drama productions that encourage the protection of the species.

Having been assisted in the development of their play by our teams and our local partner organisation, the National Trust for Nature Conservation, these local youths take their show from village to village during their free time. In order to reach as many people as possible, the volunteers choose particular days such as Global Tiger Day, festivals and other gatherings to spread the word about safeguarding the feline and its habitat.

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