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With many small donations, we can achieve great things!

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You also have the possibility to send us a cheque payable to Awely at the following address:
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Follow us on our dedicated pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , Instagram and Snapchat. By subscribing, by inviting your friends to join us, and by sharing, you will remain informed about the news related to tigers, the dangers threatening them, and about the field actions we are mounting to reverse this tendency. By joining us you are making the first step towards saving the tigers.

How about engaging in a partnership?

If, like the Amneville zoo, you are interested in getting involved with us for the tigers in a win-win approach, contact us. Awely, People and Wildlife is already supported by a variety of partners renewing their trust: large companies (Bonobo Jeans or Maisons du monde), foundations (Ensemble or Le Pal Nature), associations (Man and Nature or Ecosys Action), zoological parks (Natura Artis Magistra, Twycross Zoo or  Zoo de la Palmyre)…

Why join us?

  • To support the conservation of biodiversity and especially that of the tiger
  • To support the social and economic development in the southern countries
  • To support the sustainable development with tiger conservation as a pillar
  • To associate your name to ours and communicate about your commitment
  • To promote this commitment to your customers, your employees, and your teams members
  • To appear on our various communication tools, both here and in the field
  • To support a serious organisation with which you share the same ethics and values
  • To support a recognized organisation and to be associated with its outcomes in a win-win approach.

You are interested? Please contact us.

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Awely, Tigers and People needs you

When you support Awely, even through a very small donation, you contribute directly to our activities in the field, and you affirm your committment to preserve wildlife while also contributing to the urgent basic needs of the local populations who live with these animals.

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