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5 May 2015

Great new exhibit at the Amneville Zoo, TigerWorld is both a breathtaking attraction and a tribute to one of the most endangered felines. For 45 minutes, the visitor is immersed in a tropical universe overflowing with natural elements. TigerWorld presents on stage 9 Bengal tigers, including two white ones.

With the amazing complicity of their trainer Rémy FLACHAIRE, the stars do their show and perform various exercises. Their gentle training shows the extraordinary physical abilities of these felines and reveals the strong relationship between the young man of 26 and his animals.

Rich in emotions, the 2015 novelty will delight tiger lovers.
Within the TigerWorld framework, the Amneville Zoo annually contributes at least 110.000€ to the conservation of wild tigers, a funding granted to our initiative Awely, Tigers and People.


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