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The tiger in images: top 7 for November

3 November 2015

We take action for tigers living all around the world; we are fighting to prevent their extinction. Now, there are only 4000 left in the wild. Enjoy our selection of these most beautiful photos of the feline.

Photo Credits Patrick PleulCredit: Patrick Pleul

Surendra Chouhan National geoCredit: Surendra Chouhan

Getty ImagesCredit: Getty Images

Steve Winter NGMCredit: Steve Winter – National Geographic

Mike Blake ReutersCredit: Mike Blake – Reuters

tiger-in-India-Michael-NicholsNational-Geographic-Creative-590x432Credit: Michael Nichols – National Geographic

WONE13214Credit: National Geographic

From the smallest symbolic contribution, every donation is important for tigers and their survival. It is thanks to your support that our NGO can act in the field. Thank you.

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