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Tiger Farms: feeding illegal trade by the back door

26 June 2015

They live in pens and are officially destined to be shown to the public. Some of these tigers are actually sold on the black market, notably to meet demand for tiger parts in traditional Chinese medicine.

Highlighted for the proliferation of its breeding farms, China’s actions are ambiguous. Whilst taking action for conservation of the species in accordance with international legislation,  the country also continues to award the permits that allow such establishments to open.

The problem is less significant in Vietnam, where there are still ten farms in which captive felines live in less deplorable conditions, but are still not protected from abuse. Our partner Education for Nature checks these farms regularly. The organisation enters all the data about the felines into specific registers and makes sure that relevant laws are respected.

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 Tigre ferme vietnam news

A tiger found at the Pacific Beer Company during an inspection. This is one of the ten private zoos and farms in Vietnam where approximately 130 tigers are kept in captivity.

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