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Vietnam is well-known for its biodiversity, but the economic development of these past 15 last years has pushed the demand for quality food and medical products, derived from wildlife, far beyond the reach of most family budgets. Although the official number of tigers in the country is officially about 20 individuals, the feline has not been seen there for years. The strong demand for tiger-based by-products (bones, eyes, penis, teeth …) is threatening the survival of the species in areas where it is still present.

Partner organisation

Education for Nature (ENV)

Problems to solve

  • High demand for tiger-based by-products.
  • Lack of information on tiger conservation status and its consequences.
  • Important Asian network of illegal wildlife activities and their dispersion on the continent.
  • Lack of legislation and actions by competent authorities.

Project goals

  • Reduce demand for tiger products.
  • Contribute to reduction of illegal activities concerning tigers.
  • Follow trafficking networks, and tigers found on breeding farms.
  • Initiate and coordinate awareness-raising and information campaigns on the stakes of conservation and the detriments of illegal trade.

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