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Voices for Tigers: an album for the 4000 endangered tigers

5 May 2015

“In Jade’s eyes”, the first single of the album “Voices for Tigers” was released on April 27, 2015, for legal download. Profits are allocated to Awely, Tigers and People for the conservation of the species.

Born out of a meeting between music lovers and those who contribute to the preservation of the species “Voices for Tigers” is an album with ethnic sounds, produced and directed by the composers Nicolas Prat and Pierre Jacquot.

The association “Voices for..” which they established with Rémy Demantes, tiger-breeder for 20 years and well-recognized personality of French and international media, was joined by several volunteers including graphic designers and clip directors. Their message is clear – they don’t want a land without tigers.

As time goes by, you can discover the projects funded through revenues for the conservation of tigers in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. In buying the single, you are making a gesture of support for the tigers and a direct contribution to their preservation.


Single danslesyeuxdejade

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