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Your donations for the protection of tigers in Bangladesh

29 September 2015

By supporting our projects, you also support the work of the organisation WildTeam in Bangladesh. With funding from Amnéville Zoo, the NGO carries out actions to combat tiger poaching as a key part their work.  

In the region of the Sundarbans, where there is the biggest mangrove forest in the world, our local partner WildTeam carries out anti-poaching patrols by boat. The organisation also implements measures for the protection of the feline’s prey and habitat. As well as running educational campaigns, they monitor fauna and habitats, and train volunteers who form patrols to keep the tigers away from villages, without hurting them.

Here are some examples of the possible use of your donations for the safeguarding of the species in Bangladesh:

20 euros: one first-aid kit for a patrol group from the community.

30 euros: one flashlight for a community guard team protecting the village from the forest’s tigers.

50 euros: medical support for one of the victims of conflict with the feline.

100 euros: one day’s fuel for an anti-poaching patrol.

It is time for you to act. Contribute to the protection of tigers in the world.

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