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Your donations for the protection of tigers in Vietnam

17 November 2015

This programme, supported by Awely, aims to reduce the illegal traffic of tiger-based products and to encourage the public to combat this terrible practice.

Thanks to funding from Amneville Zoo, our partner organisation Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) creates pedagogical tools and shares them with a wide audience, as part of their range of tiger conservation activities. Their advertising, TV and radio campaigns are broadcast nationwide in the media, on the Web, from information stands and also in schools and shopping centres.

Here is how your generosity can contribute to the protection of this highly endangered species:

A donation of 20 euros

Printing and placement of a tiger banner or stand in markets and other public places, urging the public not to consume tiger bone in traditional Chinese medicine.

These ads also invite witnesses of crimes linked to the species to report them to ENV. They are seen by thousands of Vietnamese citizens and contribute to raising awareness in this country where the demand for tiger parts remains strong.

A donation of 50 euros

The broadcast of an advertisement on the national radio station, The Voice of Vietnam (VOV), urging the public to contribute to the protection of tigers and to report crimes linked to the species to ENV.

This radio network is listened to by millions of people throughout the country and four of the five VOV radio channels reach approximately 90% of all households in Vietnam. So this is a particularly effective way of raising citizens’ awareness about the plight of tigers.

A donation of 100 euros

Funding for ENV to host a public event for the protection and the safeguarding of tigers. These are held at universities, in parks or in other public spaces.

This sum includes the costs related to setting up such events (not including the staff time), which have the added benefit of enabling the organisation to reach specific target groups more easily by using an adapted message and approach.

A donation of 300 euros

Payment of half a month’s salary of an ENV campaign officer, as well as funding for a viral advertising campaign involving the placement of banners on popular websites and forums.

Online communication methods are an effective way of raising public awareness about combating the consumption and sale of tiger parts, in order to safeguard the species from extinction. In addition, Vietnamese internet users are invited to report these crimes by calling the dedicated ENV hotline.

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